Spring Raffle Winners

Our Spring 2015 Raffle drawing was held on Sunday, April 26th at the Regional Cheer Showcase held at Washington High School.  Congratulations to all the winners for this session ~


Spring 2015 Desert Cup Sunday Playoffs

7-9 BRONZE at 9:00am
Field 7a: Wigwam Creek Rattlers VS Arroyo Lions
Field 7b: Cielo Dust Devils VS John Jacobs Rangers
Field 8a: Ryan Celtic VS Byron Barry Honey Badgers
Field 8b: Ryan Bayern VS John Jacobs Dynamo

7-9 SILVER at 9:00am
Field 9a: Las Brisas Firebirds VS Connolly Giants
Field 9b: Lomas Rottweillers VS Highland Park Roadrunners
Field 10a: Patterson Nighthawks VS Mirage Tornados
Field 10b: Gaveston Hurricanes VS Augusta Ranch Alliance

7-9 GOLD at 10:00am
Field 9a: Ocotillo Lions VS Hale Tigers
Field 9b: El Mirage United VS Wigwam Creek Wildcats
Field 10a: Ocotillo Tigers VS John Jacobs Crusaders
Field 10b: Byron Barry Kung Fu Pandas VS Arroyo Piranhas

10-12 SILVER at 9:00am
Field 1: Mirage United VS Mountain View Team Venom
Field 2: Arroyo Sneak Attack VS Cielo Argentina
Field 3: Hale Panthers VS Patterson Killer Bees
Field 4: Byron Barry Hot Shots VS Hale Knights

10-12 GOLD at 10:00am
Field 1: Ocotillo All-Stars VS El Mirage Barcelona
Field 2: Patterson Gila Monsters VS Hale Vipers
Field 5: Loma Linda Barcelona VS Wildflower Haboob
Field 6: John Jacobs Panthers VS Ryan All-Americans

13-15 GOLD at 9:00am
Field 5: El Mirage Bolts VS Connolly Resilience
Field 6: Byron Barry Dynamo VS John Jacobs Three Lions








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