Young Champions Cheerleading

Young Champions offers this fun and exciting program for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. There is more to Pom-Pom and Cheerleading than just learning the basics. Along with providing fun, this program promotes coordination, confidence, poise, physical fitness, artistic expression, teamwork and competitive spirit. Our students learn the fundamentals of dance and cheer, dance routines, cheers, chants, jumps and how to perform in front of an audience. Our program also prepares our students for junior high and high school cheer squads.


Students have the opportunity to participate in competitions, parades and performances. While Young Champions does not make these events mandatory for our recreation divisions 1-4 we feel it is an instrumental tool in creating self-confidence and high self-esteem.

Within our program we also provide advancement opportunities through skill level testing. In our cheer program while students advance from each division whether it is by age or testing they will learn the necessary skills in motions, cheering, dance and stunting.

Our Young Champions Cheerleading coaching staff is chosen on their love for the sport as well as their passion for working with children. Our coaches are trained and mentored by the YC Staff as well as certified in stunting with ACCAA and train yearly with nationally renowned college coaches and squads to ensure that our program is teaching valuable safe stunting techniques.

Young Champions Age and Division Breakdown

Division 1 – Beginner

Children ages 4-6 are placed into this division.


Division 2 – Beginner

Children ages 7-9 are placed into this division.

At the age of 7 students are eligible to test into a higher division.


Division 3 – Intermediate

Children ages 10-12 are placed into this division.

Children 7-9 must be tested to be placed within this division.


Division 4 – Intermediate - Advanced

Children ages 13 + are placed into this division.

Children 7-12 must be tested to be placed within this division.


Divisions 5-8 Elite

These teams are a mixture of ages. Students must try-out for these teams; the coach will hold the try-out and determine criteria.