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Young Champions Terms and Policies Cheerleading Self Defense Programs Michigan – Indiana – Kentucky – Pennsylvania - Mississippi Alabama - Tennessee Parents, please read this information carefully, it will help...



Young Champions National Cheer Competition July 25, 2015 - Grand Rapids, MI Click here to view the 2015 Nationals Final Schedule. (multisites/tennessee/images/NATIONALS_FINAL_SCHEDULE.pdf) Click here for Nationals 2015 hotel information. (multisites/tennessee/images/2015_Grand_Rapids_Hotels.pdf)


Stunting Clinic

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"At the cheer showcase, we just attended, EVERYONE got a large trophy! I was so surprised to see that the focus was truly on the "performance" and opportunity for the students, not on COMPETITION! My daugher had a great time and although did not place 1st, she left feeling like a WINNER! — Joy Smith, Glendale

"My student is now a Blue Belt in the YCOA program, he started out SHY and nervous to do Karate, but now he is so proud to put his GI on, it makes me worry less about his safety and knowing he has been given great leadership and confidence skills reassures me that I have him in the right program." — John Wilson, Los Angeles

"The Soccer Program has been awesome for my son with ADD - he gets to let out some energy in a productive way that is also financially within my means. The coach is great with the students." Gina (parent) Soccer — Jack Sparrow, Houston

"Today I feel less anxiety when my children go out into the world because you have taught them many valuable life lessons" - Johanne Beebe

"As a law enforcement officer…I feel very strongly that all parents should get their kids involved with this program so they too can get the SAFE Shield benefit".   - Det. F. Bustillos

"Young Champions provides an important extension of the family, with all of the confusion about right from wrong in today's world, the structure and disciple of the YCOA program provides this" - Barbara Payton