Texas Cheer - Elite Team Announcement

This Fall 2015 we will be starting 1 Elite team in Dallas and 1 Elite team in Houston!

We are so excited to be bringing a new level to our Cheer program, Division 5~

Team tryout information will be posted soon, tryouts are open to any current or former Pro team member from an Dallas or Houston cheer location.

*More details to come!*


Summer Cheer Program

This summer our Dallas & Houston cheer locations and teams will be focusing on cheer technique, fundamentals, stunting basics and strenghthening flexibilty. 

Teams will not  be competing at a summer competiton as we do not run an event like this during the shorter summer semester.  Coaches are excited to have the opportunity to build with their students and teams and provide a platform to excel in all areas of cheerleading without the added pressure of competiton.

During our Fall session students will be able to look forward to our fall Regional Showcase and State Competition with their team! 

We hope that students plan to return for the next session as they have fun polishing and refining their skills during the summer months!


Texas Nationals 2015

Congratulations to our TEXAS Pro teams that will be representing Team Southwest this summer at Nationals in Grand Rapids, Michigan!



Texas* Cheer Team Uniform Requirements


To participate in the Houston and Dallas Cheer Regional Show-Stopper Showcases- all cheer students (all teams) are required to have the standard team uniform, depending on team level!

The uniform is a special part of being a cheerleader and involved with a cheer program - students do look forward to putting on their team uniform and represeting as a Young Champions Cheerleader!